Sunday, September 16, 2007


September 13, 2007
After 10 months of paperwork, fingerprints, paperwork, biometrics (?), paperwork, waiting, homestudy, waiting, paperwork, phone calls to the agency, phone calls from the agency, and oh yeah; more waiting............ we are finally, officially DTC! Oh, and now we wait some more for LID, LOA, and eventually TA!

We were expecting and told by our agency that we would be DTC on Tuesday or Wednesday and they both came and went with no word. Then, while at school on Thursday (which was also my birthday) I received a phone call in the office. If that didn't send my heart a pumpin' . When I got on the phone, it was the woman at our agency telling me not to worry when I read the email that she had just sent (saying our authentication from the consulate had yet to arrive). Our paperwork had just arrived and was already being redirected and put in with our dossier to go to China. Hopefully, not on a slow boat!

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